K-STEP: The Story So Far

K-Step3In July last year RBS launched CommunityForce, a new initiative to help support local charities, organisations and groups to raise publicity for their work and attract volunteers. The programme also provided the opportunity for three groups in each of the bank’s 27 CommunityForce areas to win awards of £6,275 each. Organisations and charities applied for awards during the summer and an online public vote took place to decide which three organisations in each area would receive the awards.

The Killie Trust applied to CommunityForce in the hope of extending their Primary School education project which proved to be successful and very popular when it was piloted at Patna Primary school.

This innovative project promotes literacy, numeracy, decision making and healthy diet and exercise activity. It helps develop an understanding of co-operation, leadership and financial awareness among primary school pupils, using a Kilmarnock Football Club throughout as a theme.

Pupils got the opportunity to interview Kilmarnock players, tour Rugby Park and also attend a number of home matches during the project’s duration.

RBS_Logo_bold_articleCommunityForce, which forms part of the Bank’s Customer Charter, offers organisations more than just financial support. By applying for the awards, local charities and projects became part of a local online network giving them greater visibility and the opportunity to attract volunteers from the local area. RBS staff is also getting involved by volunteering their time and expertise.

Since the win the Trust has named the project K-Step (Kilmarnock Supporters Trust education Project) and Jim Thomson, who was instrumental in the pilot scheme said “We are absolutely delighted that our project has been recognised in this way. The funding will ensure that we will be able to roll it out to other local Primary schools and, at the same time try and lay foundations to ensure Killie supporters of the future too. A big thank you is also due to Kilmarnock Football Club for buying into the concept and making our project so unique and special”

If your school would like to take part or, if you would like more information on the project, please contact the Killie Trust by email -community@killietrust.org or mobile at 07748 252455.

You can check the project out at http://www.facebook.com/KStep2012 or on twitter @k_step2012



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