About COG

“COG is about making Kilmarnock the best football club it can be. By bringing the club into community ownership we will make a commitment to create a genuine partnership between the club and the community. The club will consider the impact of its decisions on the community.

Football has the ability to create excitement and fire the imagination of the young and old alike. By engaging in the community at every level and using football as a catalyst to get people involved, we can improve the health and well being of everyone in our community.

If the club commits to the community the community will commit to the club.

This is not just about getting involved in football it’s about inspiring everyone in our community to fulfil their potential.

The town of Kilmarnock has had more than it’s share  of problems over the years and the football club has had its share as well but the town and club have been through thick and thin together. This relationship should be developed to create a strong and sustainable partnership that brings together all the strands of our community.”

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