Its Back…..our Fantasy Football Minileague is Back!

Here we are, the annual Fantasy Football is back post, and earlier than before! Re-registration only opened last week and the KillieTrustLiga has been renewed for its 8th year already (I know, its unbelievable).

If you have played before and plan on playing again you will be entered automatically whenever you reregister your team, and in fact 15 teams have already been added, if this will be your first year however here is the important information you will need.


Register a team

Pick your team, 15 players (11 plus 4 subs)

Click to join a league

Enter this code 185525-49773

Et Voila, you are now in with a chance of toppling reigning champion (two years running no less) Brian Chambers as he goes for that most American of terms, the three-peat, at which point he may or may not change his name to Brian Chamb3rs to celebrate. Or not.

Have a look at the rules too, there seems to be some new additions to the game this season in the form of bonus points “chips” as to how to use them and what exactly they are.

Still plenty of time to pick your team and you can change it as many times as you please before the season starts, we usually get a good number of teams but please feel free to share this info with all your Killie supporting friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, by post, carrier pigeon, word of mouth etc etc.

Thanks! Best of luck to all entrants!

Kilmarnock Supporters Survey

We are currently in the midst of running a quick survey before Christmas, you may be aware of it already if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook or maybe you heard about it on West FM yesterday (Thursday) during their sports bulletins. We want to find out what the Killie supporters feel about what is happening at our football club. In recent year there has been a lot of talk about how the club is being run. So we thought it would be a good idea to ask the people that have the most invested in the club. The supporters.

We put the survey on the internet so we could reach the large and originally had planned to close it at midday on Friday the 20th of December which is today, however this has been postponed to the New Year to allow as many fans as possible the chance to have their say.

Please take the time to complete the survey as we really want to hear your views.

Thank you.