Fans Groups Statement: 15/7/13

Trust10aThe Killie Trust, Young Killie, KFC Supporters’ Association and affiliated clubs would like to encourage all Kilmarnock FC Supporters to attend Wednesday’s friendly match against East Fife to show our support for the new management team of Alan Johnston and Sandy Clark. In what has been a pre-season of unrest for many of the Kilmarnock faithful, all the organisations want fans to turn out in numbers to support the team and to show that despite any planned protests against the current regime, the team will get our moral and vocal support from the outset.

At the match, we would encourage fans to wear scarfblue and yellow scarves and t-shirts, the colours that now symbolise the majority of supporters lack of confidence in current chairman Michael Johnston. For those not kitted out already, there will be scarves available at the match in return for a donation to the Trust’s Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative. T-Shirts can be purchased online at or at Rainbow Ink’s shop in Bank Street, Kilmarnock.

Killie Trust Board member Peter Telfer said, “Wednesday is a great opportunity for the supporters to show their backing for our new manager, he needs to know that our ‘We are Killie – Johnston Must Go’ banners are not aimed at him! Alan had a successful playing career with us and I think it is safe to say that we all hope that his managerial career follows suit. Kenny Sheils may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but in general he was well liked and respected and his dismissal and the way it was handled was shocking. The last thing we would like to see now is another promising manager lose his job on a technicality in the same manner, that is not how the Killie family treat our own.”

Peter added “The blue and yellow idea came from the fans forum on the internet and I think it is important to remember that the fans are the only constant at any football club as without us clubs simply would not exist, which is something that the current chairman has literally not taken on board. Sadly Michael Johnston has not been representing our views or running the club in the best interests of the fans or the local community and that has ultimately cost him our support. While we remain 100% behind the manager and his squad we cannot stand by and watch as the club we love is systematically eroded by the one man board, if he was a true Killie fan he would do the honourable thing and walk away.”

The match kicks off at 7:45pm at New Bayview in Methil with admission prices £6 for adults and £4 for concessions.