Trust/KFCSA Joint Statement 29/1/2015

The Board of the Killie Trust and the Committee of KFCSA are pleased to announce an enhancement to the good relationship they have and that the two organisations will be working more closely together for the benefit of supporters of Kilmarnock FC.

As part of that process, the Chairman of KFCSA, James Morrison, has been appointed to the Board of the Trust.

In turn, Jim Thomson, Chairman of the Trust and also a Committee Member of Young Kilmarnock, has been proposed as a Committee Member for KFCSA – it is planned to ratify and confirm that proposed appointment at the next Committee Meeting of KFCSA.

The Committee of KFCSA fully support the continuing efforts of the Trust in their negotiations to secure a place on the Board of Kilmarnock FC on suitable and appropriate terms.

COG Working Party Press Release – 11th February 2014


The Killie (Community) Working Party, established with support from  Supporters Direct Scotland, has announced its intention to make an offer  to purchase Kilmarnock FC’s Chairman’s entire shareholding.

garybioGary  Torbett, on behalf of The Killie (Community) Working Party, said: “We  would like to acknowledge the work being undertaken by the Chairman of  Kilmarnock Football Club to make the club debt free and would positively  encourage him to make every effort to come to an agreement with the  club bankers and other significant lenders to reduce the debt to zero.   The Killie (Community) Working Party would like to make an offer to  purchase the Chairman’s entire shareholding if this can be achieved.”

“This  offer would be contingent on a fair valuation of the company and the  completion of a satisfactory due diligence process.  This purchase would  be undertaken by a new Community Interest Company (CIC) with a  democratically elected board.”

Scottish-FansPaul Goodwin, Head of Supporters  Direct Scotland said, “I met with Michael Johnston, on behalf of The  Killie (Community) Working Party, on Friday [7th February] and conveyed  the outline of the supporters’ offer.  I reiterated SDS’ willingness to  assist in progressing this offer to a satisfactory conclusion for both  parties.”

Gary Torbett added: “We see this move as a genuine step forward as we prepare to get our club back.

Unfortunately  there remains concern amongst supporters with the long term position of  the club and we firmly believe that fan and community ownership is  where that lies rather than relying on a single majority shareholder who  won’t be around for ever.  The only constants at any club are the fans  and the community it is based in.”

“We will shortly launch our formal efforts to raise the money to take  the club into community ownership and we hope that the business  community – both private and public – as well as community groups and  supporters will get behind us.”

Kilmarnock fans have a history of successful fundraising and  community involvement. Over £100,000 has been directly raised for the  Club’s youth development programme and a number of initiatives driven by  The Killie Trust have seen financial awards to a many community based  projects in recent years.

The Killie (Community) Working Party is made up, in no particular order, of:

  • The Killie Trust
  • The Kilmarnock FC Supporters Association
  • Minority shareholders in Kilmarnock FC
  • The Business Club
  • Young Kilmarnock

Issued on behalf of The Killie (Community) Working Party by Supporters Direct Scotland.

For further information please contact Paul Goodwin on 07702 252519 or Gary Torbett  on 07905 478179

Its Good To Talk

Last week during discussions with the KFCSA committee, we suggested that it would be a good idea to invite Paul Goodwin (Head of Supporters’ Direct Scotland) along to their open meeting on our behalf due to his experience in dealing with clubs with problems like ours and his expertise in governance and community ownership; along with our own board member Andy Millar who obviously has a better handle on things from our perspective. Mr Goodwin graciously agreed to give his time, despite the fact it wasn’t primarily a Trust meeting, as part of his remit with SDS is to help out wherever possible when clubs are deemed to be in trouble.

Mr Goodwin has subsequently received a request from Michael Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock FC, to meet with himself and new director William Bowie on the proviso that the talks would take place prior to the KFCSA open meeting on Thursday. The invitation was extended to a couple of representatives from both the Trust and the KFCSA, but unfortunately it has been arranged at too short notice for that to happen in the time frame requested. We have offered to meet with the club directors at the earliest possible convenience for all parties and hope that a reply to our legal representatives and the verification of our recent share acquisition is on the agenda.


Killie Trust statement – 13th June 2013


The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (the ‘Killie Trust’) has previously expressed our dissatisfaction with the current structure and operation of Kilmarnock Football Club. We are therefore dismayed that the situation has deteriorated further. We feel that the confidence in, and reputation of Kilmarnock FC is not being served by the actions of its Chairman and believe that there is little commitment to act in the interest of all shareholders and stakeholders of the Club, contrary to his well documented stance on “fiduciary duty”.

The treatment of a dedicated, hard-working and popular team manager, Kenny Shiels, a man who engineered our first ever Scottish League Cup success only last year, has further tarnished the reputation of Kilmarnock FC. We can only offer our apologies to Kenny for a decision which has gone against the wishes of the majority of Killie fans, and wish him well for the future. His contribution and his engagement with the community will not be forgotten and he will be a welcome visitor to Kilmarnock whenever he chooses to return.

The supporters of Kilmarnock Football Club are tired of being ignored and misrepresented and many have reached the point where they feel the only way they can be heard is to remove their financial contribution. Whilst the Trust Board believe everyone must make their own decision in regards the much talked about season ticket boycott, we can understand why many have decided to take this drastic action, and the responsibility for this threat to the very existence of Kilmarnock FC lies squarely with the one-man Board of Directors.

We find some of the Chairman’s recent comments astonishing, from his justification for Kenny Shiels dismissal to his sudden willingness to change the structure of the club and engage the community. The initial idea of a partnership between local authority, local business and fan/community groups working together was one brought forward by the Trust in a recent meeting with the Chairman, but he rejected the concept as unworkable for our club. We would seriously like to know who he has been making these plans with given that during a recent series of Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative meetings that invitees from all the aforementioned parties highlighted individual instances which alienated them from the Club and their general dissatisfaction at the way in which Kilmarnock Football Club is being run.

The Trust has been actively working with the Supporters Association (KFCSA) and other fans’ groups to ensure that supporters’ interests are represented and that we are no longer ignored in the same manner we had to endure when the chairman manipulated figures to suit his own ends for an SPL vote last year. His comments then, as now, proved to be highly embarrassing and not a true reflection of how Kilmarnock fans felt about the issue or wanted it dealt with. We urge all Kilmarnock fans to attend the KFCSA AGM on Saturday 15th June to decide on further action, your voice is important, without the fans the club would not exist and the future is in our own hands.

Meeting with Club on 21st August 2012

Representatives of the Killie Trust, KFCSA and Kilmarnock Football Club met last night to discuss recent events. Chairman Michael Johnston told the supporter’s organisations that he was looking at the possibility of Kilmarnock FC becoming a Community Interest Club (CIC) and all parties agreed to further investigate the possibility of such an event. The setting up of the Killie Trust’s Community Ownership Group (COG) Fund was ratified by its members on Saturday and fundraising activities shall commence with immediate effect.

An Update

The Killie Trust and the KFCSA have written a joint letter to club chairman Michael Johnston and the bank to inform them of the Trust’s intention to launch a community ownership initiative and the reasons for doing so at this time. The initiative will be formalised in the coming weeks and the long term process of garnering a majority shareholding in the club will begin in earnest at that point. We hope that all Killie fans will support the efforts of the Trust in this ambitious endeavor and keep supporting the club as we always do. A good start would be getting along to the first game of the season and filling the stadium! To stay informed you can sign up for the KFCSA on their website for free and please also consider joining the Trust so you can have your say in the democratic kind of way that football should be run.

Killie Trust Statement Regarding Rangers Newco Vote

The Killie Trust would like to disassociate themselves from the actions of the Kilmarnock Football Club Chairman at the SPL meeting on Wednesday. It was important that we, as a club, were seen to be taking a moral stance as opposed to acting in self interest, and it is felt that we have been misrepresented by our majority shareholder and sole board member in this case. His refusal to vote was clearly not in the best long term interests of the club as it cast a shadow of doubt over our own integrity in this sorry affair.

We hosted an open meeting in conjunction with our Supporters Association last week which Michael Johnston attended and a unanimous show of hands from the floor should have left him in no doubt that Kilmarnock supporters were not in favour of any new club being allowed entry directly into the top division based purely on financial reasons. This was also backed up by various on line polls which indicated that 98% of those whom voted were also of the same mind, and we are more than certain that the “consultation”, which the club paid for and then apparently decided not to act upon, would have reflected the same; although the results of said “consultation” were kept out of the public domain and not made available to those whom voted.

The decision taken by the SPL is indeed a momentous one and we hope that the fans of the clubs affected can now concentrate on getting behind their teams and ensuring that the embarrassing scare-mongering predictions of Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan, who should be considering their own positions at this time, do not come to fruition. If ever it was more clear that we need only one governing body for a country our size it is now. We sympathise with all football fans out there who have been victims of so-called business men that have systematically taken their club apart and we hope that such supporters will have a major say in how their club is run from here on in. The only good thing to come out of all this has been the refreshing way in which most clubs have responded to the wishes of their fan base and we hope that the clubs in the SFL will respond in a similar fashion and not be bullied into accepting change they do not want, when it comes to doing the right thing there can be no compromise.

We have the opportunity over the coming season to start getting our house in order and we hope that Supporters Direct and fans in general will be given a say in the direction that Scottish football will take. The major stake-holders in our game cannot and will not be ignored any longer because without the fans there would be no clubs and the time has come for us to reclaim our place at the table and ensure that commercial greed and self interest no longer dictate the decisions that have to be made. We are all in this together and together we can get Scottish football back on its feet, from the bottom division to the top, anything less is simply unacceptable.