Its Back…..our Fantasy Football Minileague is Back!

Here we are, the annual Fantasy Football is back post, and earlier than before! Re-registration only opened last week and the KillieTrustLiga has been renewed for its 8th year already (I know, its unbelievable).

If you have played before and plan on playing again you will be entered automatically whenever you reregister your team, and in fact 15 teams have already been added, if this will be your first year however here is the important information you will need.


Register a team

Pick your team, 15 players (11 plus 4 subs)

Click to join a league

Enter this code 185525-49773

Et Voila, you are now in with a chance of toppling reigning champion (two years running no less) Brian Chambers as he goes for that most American of terms, the three-peat, at which point he may or may not change his name to Brian Chamb3rs to celebrate. Or not.

Have a look at the rules too, there seems to be some new additions to the game this season in the form of bonus points “chips” as to how to use them and what exactly they are.

Still plenty of time to pick your team and you can change it as many times as you please before the season starts, we usually get a good number of teams but please feel free to share this info with all your Killie supporting friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, by post, carrier pigeon, word of mouth etc etc.

Thanks! Best of luck to all entrants!

Fantasy Football Returns for its 7th Season

Hi there folks, The Killie Trust fantasy football league on is open again this year. Now in its 7th year I think we could be heading for its record number of teams. Last year Brian Chambers finished top for the first time, will there be another new champion this year?

The league has been open for just over a week so if you have set up your team for another minileague and were in our league last year I am sure you will have been automatically added.

If not and you are new to all this stuff then click the link to the site above and pick your team, click leagues, then join a league and type in the code below to get the chance to pit your wits against other Killie fans/Trust members.


Good luck to everyone who enters.

Chambers Lifts Fantasy Title

Brian Chambers and his Brian Munich team has been crowned champion of the 6th KillieTrustLiga Fantasy Premierleague season. Finishing around 70 points clear of Brian McLaughlin’s Kilmarnock FC in second and a little further back was Sean Chambers in 3rd.

Here is the top 20

The KillieTrustLiga6

# Team Manager GW TOT
1 Brian Munich Brian Chambers 65 2,465
2 Kilmarnock FC Brian McLaughlin 50 2,391
3 Maroon Machine Sean Chambers 54 2,345
4 KTID Russ McNaughtan 42 2,341
5 West Fullarton Utd John McCluskie 60 2,323
6 real sosobad craig smith 41 2,296
7 happy as larry Derrick Park 63 2,289
8 Killie Red scott malcolm 39 2,289
9 Sporting Lesbian Greg Wilson 57 2,288
10 Les Miserables Gregor Stewart 56 2,287
11 LSD Eindhoven Mark Alexander 35 2,281
12 The Pie Gobblers Stephen Auld 56 2,276
13 20/20 Stephen Speirs 49 2,220
14 Loy’s Lokomotivs Simon Loy 27 2,214
15 Megadeath Scott Oswald 39 2,196
16 Pwoud, vewy pwoud. David Faulds 51 2,184
17 Athletic Mike Neil Urquhart 50 2,183
18 NAPM James McDonald 69 2,182
19 Rennie Of Horror David Rennie 52 2,167
20 Real Sosobad Ally Duff 33 2,164

Brian actually finished in the top 50 of all Scottish players and in the top 1500 of everyone who entered worldwide, which is over two and a half million!

So huge congratulations for that Brian on top of your KillieTrustLiga title!

We had 87 entrants this year which was a record, next seasons will open soon but first will be World Cup Fantasy football which opens on Monday 8th June.

Thanks to all this years participants.

KillieTrustLiga 6: Fantasy Football Returns

KillieTrustLiga is back for a sixth season, if you don’t know what it is then here is a brief run down. The Killie Trust has played administrator in a mini league on site for the past five years. You pick your fifteen players from the English Premier League and week on week gain points due to their performances or lack there of on the park thats just the basics, a full list of the rules is available on the site.

managersYou might think that Gary Hooper’s horrible miss when clean through on Cammy Bell in the league cup final two seasons ago was just a blip and he could fire you to victory by banging them in for Norwich this year. Or you could think that Kenny Shiels was right in his thoughts about Victor Wanyama and steer clear of him for Southampton. Will ex Killie players Steven Naismith or Matthew Kennedy play a prominant role for Martinez’ Everton side, is it worth having a punt on them? Or are you anxiously hoping that Conor Sammon gets a move back to the big league for Hull perhaps and you can slot him into your forward line beside RvP and Aguero?

Over the years we have had some close run contests, but the history books show that Colin Syme won it in its inagural year followed by Greg Wilson in year two. Steven Murray won it the next year and in year four, well in year four we seem to have lost the notes on who won (if it was you or you know who it was please let us know on facebook or twitter). Which brings us to last season and Greg Wilson won his second title, beating David Freeland and Brian Chambers as well as all the rest of us who entered to the title.

WAGNFL_1The league is now live so if you entered last season then when you re register for this season you will be automatically added, if not……here is the official line on how to do it.

I’ve created a league in Fantasy Premier League called The KillieTrustLiga6.

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use this link and you’ll be added
automatically after you’ve entered the game:

You shouldn’t need the league code, but just in case here it is: 485622-121525.

Enjoy the game!
The Killie Trust

Best of luck to all who enter.