Trust/KFCSA Joint Statement 29/1/2015

The Board of the Killie Trust and the Committee of KFCSA are pleased to announce an enhancement to the good relationship they have and that the two organisations will be working more closely together for the benefit of supporters of Kilmarnock FC.

As part of that process, the Chairman of KFCSA, James Morrison, has been appointed to the Board of the Trust.

In turn, Jim Thomson, Chairman of the Trust and also a Committee Member of Young Kilmarnock, has been proposed as a Committee Member for KFCSA – it is planned to ratify and confirm that proposed appointment at the next Committee Meeting of KFCSA.

The Committee of KFCSA fully support the continuing efforts of the Trust in their negotiations to secure a place on the Board of Kilmarnock FC on suitable and appropriate terms.

New Year, New Board Member

67642_433575716712950_578679963_nWe recently reported that we would be adding new faces to the Trust Board and today we are delighted to announce that Killie’s own Tommy Adams has been co-opted on as a director. Tommy is a local legend and well known in the community not only for the sterling work he has done for the football club but as the most popular Killie fan south of Symington as a result of plying his trade as “the people’s DJ” in pubs and clubs throughout Ayrshire and beyond.

Since departing the club’s commercial department in 2014, Tommy has started up his own promotional company which sets up advertising opportunities for businesses with football clubs and he has already secured clients from Junior level all the way up to SPFL. In less than a month he managed to sell all the advertising space on club calendars for six clients which helps illustrate how important Tommy is going to be to us.

It goes without saying that we see this as a bit of a coup and we hope that Tommy can help persuade disenfranchised local business people back to supporting the football club through the Killie Trust. Tommy, like us, shares the belief that Kilmarnock FC should be a hub for the community and in turn that the community will reciprocate by engaging once again with the club…at least that is how it should work! We hope that everyone will join us in welcoming Tommy back into the fold and spare him a minute when he comes calling…

A New Year Message From The Chairman

560356_10151114652829899_1483803466_nI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their messages of encouragement and support following my appointment as Chair of the Kilmarnock Supporters Society Limited (the Killie Trust to you and I). I am extremely proud to follow in the footsteps of Stevie Lockhart, Colin Hargreaves and Barry Richmond, all of whom have done a tremendous job for us over the past eleven years, and I shall endeavour to follow suit.

As we welcome in a new year I thought it apt to reassure our members that the Trust will continue to pursue community ownership for Kilmarnock Football Club, with the first stage towards that being meaningful and democratic fan representation on the club’s board. As was reported at our recent AGM, we are in dialogue with the Club in regards this matter and have offered to source significant and continued investment in an effort to kick start proceedings.

It was great to see Hibernian Chairman Rod Petrie echo the thoughts of so many others in the higher echelons of Scottish football by admitting the landscape of Scottish football is changing and that clubs will have to embrace community ownership and that Hibs would strive to be “a progressive, forward thinking and modern” club by now pursuing this avenue themselves. Many more will surely embrace said ethos soon if Scottish clubs are to survive and flourish, and we should be taking a lead on this.

In the coming year our focus will be to increase our membership significantly, and also persuade more local businesses to support our vision. Marie Macklin CBE of the Klin Group showed her support of the Trust and our aims by donating to us a significant number of her own shares in Kilmarnock FC which saw the Trust become the club’s second largest shareholder at the time; of course we do not expect such generosity from everyone, but it was still fantastic to see her being recognised in the New Year’s honours list for her services to local economic regeneration and entrepreneurship, well done Marie!

A few of our long serving board members stood down at our recent AGM and we are extremely grateful for their valued contribution over the years. While there are more than enough to ensure continuity, we have approached a few replacements already to keep the numbers up and work load manageable, the announcements will follow shortly and I am sure that our members will not be disappointed.  2015 will be a big year for the Killie Trust and rest assured that the Board are all fully committed to our club and community and will continue to press for what is best for both. Here’s to us all having a Happy New Year!

Jim Thomson

Trust Chairman

Welcome to our New Chairman

560356_10151114652829899_1483803466_nLast night the Killie Trust Board appointed our new chairman to replace Barry Richmond, who stepped down at the recent AGM after seven years in the role. Jim Thomson, a “weel kent” face in the world of all things Killie, has agreed to take on the role for the next year at least. Jim retired from the police force in 2008 after 30 years of service before joining the Trust Board in 2009. He was instrumental in setting up and operating the K-STEP Programme for local school children which led to the Trust being awarded a large grant from the Royal Bank of Scotland, among many other achievements. Jim is also a dedicated committee member of the Young Kilmarnock coaching organisation, which is the envy of every football club in the country.

A lifelong Killie fan and a shareholder in the Killie Trust since our formation over a decade ago, Jim embraces the Trust’s ideals and philosophies and recognises “the only sustainable future for Kilmarnock Football Club is through some form of community ownership” and hopes to oversee progress on all Trust fronts over the next year. The man he is replacing said: “I am delighted to be passing the baton to someone as capable as Jim, his drive, enthusiasm and ability to shoulder responsibility is exactly what we need right now. If he gets the same support afforded myself then I have no doubt that the Trust will continue to flourish and serve the club and the community well”.

Trust Board meets New Club Board

Directors of The Kilmarnock Supporters Society (the Killie Trust) met with the Board of Directors of Kilmarnock Football Club and the Supporters Liaison Officer, Andrew Miller, on Saturday 14th June 2014.

In a positive and constructive meeting, the Trust set out and explained its objectives on community ownership and the meeting discussed these in some detail.

There was broad agreement that KFC and the Trust would work together on projects aimed at benefiting the Club. Further dialogue will continue on these subjects.

The Trust were greatly encouraged by the positive nature of the discussions and look forward to working with the Board going forward.

The Killie Trust encourages all Kilmarnock Supporters to support the Club and buy season tickets for the new season and take advantage of the attractive deals and incentives on offer.



Your Club Needs You

Today heralds what will hopefully be our final league game of the season at Rugby Park. Much depends on the result of tonight’s game as it appears after yesterday’s results that who will finish in the play off place is now between Hibs, Partick and ourselves. Needless to say that we want to avoid that eleventh position if at all possible and we would like to encourage all Killie fans to get along and lend the team their support for what can only be described as a crucial match.

No matter what the result is, the team will also need our support at Easter Road on Saturday and it would be a real boost if we could also get as many fans along to that as well. It took a determined performance by Tommy Burns’ Dad’s Army back in 1994 at the same venue to secure our top division survival back then and a huge traveling support proved to be a real boost to the players. No matter what has gone before this season, it is time to be the twelfth man again and hope that our faith and support will be rewarded with a fitting result.

Good luck to all concerned and come on the mighty Killie!

Trust Statement 19/4/2014


Following the announcement made by Kilmarnock FC before the Celtic match on Friday night, The Killie Trust would like to issue the following statement:

Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (The Killie Trust) would like to welcome Billy Bowie, Jim Mann, David Moran and Russel Smith to the board of Kilmarnock Football Club. These appointments along with much needed investment will see the club become “debt free” and have a more stable boardroom structure. We hope this change signals the start of a new era for Scotland’s oldest professional club and is a sign of things to come, the link between a football club and its supporters is vital to its survival and a club’s relationship with its community must be nurtured. To that end the Killie Trust would urge fans to return to Rugby Park in numbers to support the team at this crucial time.


Killie Trust Statement – 09/08/2013

COGlogoFollowing on from our statement of 22nd July 2013, The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (The Killie Trust) has not, as yet, received any communication from Mr Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club, either directly or through our legal representative, regards the matter of community ownership of the club. We note Mr Johnston’s recent comments in the Press about this matter and would point out that his view of events is factually incorrect. It should be noted that the lack of communication lies firmly at his door.

Clearly, it is difficult, but not impossible for The Killie Trust to move the Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative forward without meaningful dialogue with Mr Johnston. His appetite for co-operation in this matter appears clear and we must therefore continue to move COG forward in a positive manner in order to ensure the future for Kilmarnock Football Club.

There have been well documented events concerning potential investment in, offers of expertise to the benefit of, and bids for the club in the past few months. Whilst The Killie Trust will always be a willing party in terms of working with any individual or group who genuinely has a positive vision for Kilmarnock Football Club going forward, we will not allow such events to distract us from our stated aim of ultimate community ownership of the club. The COG initiative is one which requires a great deal of work and undoubtedly fundraising through individual or group donations and events. By its nature this is a lengthy process.

The Killie Trust would like to confirm its commitment to this initiative and will continue to work towards this goal. Previous initiatives, some of which are listed below, have demonstrated that The Killie Trust has both the will and the skill to successfully deliver significant programmes which benefit club and community and which leave a noticeable legacy for others to take forward while we move on to new projects. This experience enables us the drive projects such as COG forward in a positive manner and with support of the community we have worked so actively with since 2003.

Previous Killie Trust initiatives include; Fifty For The Future; K-Step; Sponsorship of local clubs including FC Kilmarnock; Bursaries to local groups; Sponsorship of the Graeme Howie Memorial Shield; sponsorship of Young Killie.

Fundraising events have included; comedy nights; dances; sportsman’s dinners; ladies’ nights; golf days; cookery evenings; prize draws.

All these initiatives and events have benefitted Kilmarnock Football Club and many local businesses and groups through direct financial input from The Killie Trust or as a result of events being held at their premises.

The Killie Trust is delighted to have been invited to be actively involved in the consultation process for the project to redevelop the former Diageo Johnnie Walker site in Kilmarnock, also known as The Halo. Our early involvement in this ambitious plan to regenerate the site to the ultimate benefit of Kilmarnock and the wider Ayrshire community demonstrates the regard in which The Killie Trust is held locally.

Killie Trust statement – 22/07/2013


In April 2013 Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (The Killie Trust) made a formal approach in writing to Mr Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club, to express a desire to enter into dialogue with him regarding the way ahead to community ownership of the Club. This approach was made on The Killie Trust’s behalf by a well respected law firm. In his response Mr Johnston requested that The Killie Trust, through their legal representatives, submit a draft Confidentiality Agreement for his further consideration. A document which, in the opinion of The Killie Trust and their advisors, can be considered suitable and appropriate was duly forwarded to Mr Johnston on 27th May. This document has been neither accepted nor rejected by Mr Johnston. Our legal representatives have contacted Mr Johnston in recent weeks for an update on the matter and have not, as yet, received any response.

Fans Groups Statement: 15/7/13

Trust10aThe Killie Trust, Young Killie, KFC Supporters’ Association and affiliated clubs would like to encourage all Kilmarnock FC Supporters to attend Wednesday’s friendly match against East Fife to show our support for the new management team of Alan Johnston and Sandy Clark. In what has been a pre-season of unrest for many of the Kilmarnock faithful, all the organisations want fans to turn out in numbers to support the team and to show that despite any planned protests against the current regime, the team will get our moral and vocal support from the outset.

At the match, we would encourage fans to wear scarfblue and yellow scarves and t-shirts, the colours that now symbolise the majority of supporters lack of confidence in current chairman Michael Johnston. For those not kitted out already, there will be scarves available at the match in return for a donation to the Trust’s Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative. T-Shirts can be purchased online at or at Rainbow Ink’s shop in Bank Street, Kilmarnock.

Killie Trust Board member Peter Telfer said, “Wednesday is a great opportunity for the supporters to show their backing for our new manager, he needs to know that our ‘We are Killie – Johnston Must Go’ banners are not aimed at him! Alan had a successful playing career with us and I think it is safe to say that we all hope that his managerial career follows suit. Kenny Sheils may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but in general he was well liked and respected and his dismissal and the way it was handled was shocking. The last thing we would like to see now is another promising manager lose his job on a technicality in the same manner, that is not how the Killie family treat our own.”

Peter added “The blue and yellow idea came from the fans forum on the internet and I think it is important to remember that the fans are the only constant at any football club as without us clubs simply would not exist, which is something that the current chairman has literally not taken on board. Sadly Michael Johnston has not been representing our views or running the club in the best interests of the fans or the local community and that has ultimately cost him our support. While we remain 100% behind the manager and his squad we cannot stand by and watch as the club we love is systematically eroded by the one man board, if he was a true Killie fan he would do the honourable thing and walk away.”

The match kicks off at 7:45pm at New Bayview in Methil with admission prices £6 for adults and £4 for concessions.