Fog Lifts to Reveal £1500 Barrier Broken

wpid-img_20140521_224439.jpgYou may remember our article a few years back about Killie fan and big Trust supporter Stevie Miller (aka Fog) when he bannered up his hot snack emporium with our logos and Twitter handle. Since then he has moved pitch from his long term home out the Queens Drive in Kilmarnock to Annandale Industrial Estate (between Crosshouse Hospital and the Cotton Mill/Premier Inn) but the change of environment hasn’t halted the donations to the Trust rolling in from his trusty Trust tin!

A ring of THAT bell means that one of his loyal customers has dug deep in their pockets and popped their change or more into his collection tin in aid of our community ownership drive for Kilmarnock FC.

The bell has been rung out plenty just recently as Fog has cemented his place at the top of the “leader board” with a whopping £1500 raised in total over the years. With no sign of stopping we should add.

Money raised is to help with the long term goal to make the club 50% + 1 owned by the supporters. Some of the money raised is utilised too for various community schemes which we the Trust initiate.

wpid-img_20140518_123405.jpgChairman, Barry Richmond stated “Stevie has been a long term supporter of our aims and is a Killie fan through and through. I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only him, but all the other local businesses that have our collection tins in their premises and to their many, many customers who donate willingly.”

Collection tins can be found in the following locations….Rainbow Ink, Grange Filling Station, Varani’s Forum Cafè, McLelland Stores, Portmann Hotel, Ralph’s Newsagents, The Chip Bank, Howard Arms, Burns Inn, Kay Park Tavern, Brass and Granite, Bakery Bites, Yum Yums, The Garage, Shah’s Curry House and Fauld’s the Butchers.

If any other business would like to contribute to allow collection tins on their premises please contact the Trust by email on or via mobile on 07748252455.

Your Club Needs You

Today heralds what will hopefully be our final league game of the season at Rugby Park. Much depends on the result of tonight’s game as it appears after yesterday’s results that who will finish in the play off place is now between Hibs, Partick and ourselves. Needless to say that we want to avoid that eleventh position if at all possible and we would like to encourage all Killie fans to get along and lend the team their support for what can only be described as a crucial match.

No matter what the result is, the team will also need our support at Easter Road on Saturday and it would be a real boost if we could also get as many fans along to that as well. It took a determined performance by Tommy Burns’ Dad’s Army back in 1994 at the same venue to secure our top division survival back then and a huge traveling support proved to be a real boost to the players. No matter what has gone before this season, it is time to be the twelfth man again and hope that our faith and support will be rewarded with a fitting result.

Good luck to all concerned and come on the mighty Killie!