FAO All Trust Members

Following on from yesterday’s email to our members, the Board wish to seek approval to donate £1,000 to the Ellie & Laurie charity.

The charity has been set up to raise £70,000 to secure the appropriate treatment to help young Killie fan Laurie, who needs further orthopedic surgery to help him walk.  Initially the charity needs to secure an amount of £8,400 and they have already raised £2,138, leaving a further £6,262 to be raised as soon as possible.

We propose to donate £1,000 towards the charity funded by our profit from the next Comedy Night.  However, given the charity needs this money now, we propose to utilise existing Trust Funds to make the £1,000 donation, which will then be reimbursed immediately following the Comedy Night.

Unless we hear from you to the contrary by Friday 7th March, we will assume you are in agreement with this proposal.

Additionally, to help support the charity, we have also contacted the club to seek approval that we can do a bucket collection at the Hearts game. The club do not normally allow bucket collections but they’ve done quite a bit for Ellie and Laurie in the past so hopefully we can get the go ahead for that, at which point we will be looking for some trustworthy volunteers to help out on the day.

We hope you share our views on helping this worthy cause.


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