Ellie and Laurie Fund Ideas

We’ve decided that we should do something further to help young Killie fan Laurie who needs further orthopaedic surgery to help him walk. It’s such a shame that in this day and age they are struggling to make the £12k they need in the next few weeks to allow the surgery to go ahead and we’d like try and raise some funds and hopefully raise a bit of publicity to try and make sure he gets the treatment he needs.

Our share of the profits from our next comedy night should be in the region of £1200 and we are going to petition our members to ask them if it is okay to front fund the charity £1000 out of our general fund which will be replaced after the comedy night (which obviously happens after the money is needed). An email will go out to all our members to ask if they will sanction this so please make sure that it does not get caught in your spam filters, and please reply whether you are in favour or have any objections.

We have also contacted the club to see if we can do a bucket collection at the Hearts game as well. The club do not normally allow bucket collections but they’ve done quite a bit for Ellie and Laurie in the past so hopefully we can get the go ahead for that, at which point we will be looking for some trustworthy volunteers to help out on the day.

They have so far raised £2,138 and need to get to 12% (£8,400) of their target (£70,000) as soon as possible so that’s £6,262 that needs to be raised immediately. It’s heartbreaking to think that Laurie would miss out on this life-changing opportunity for the want of just over five grand. Let’s make this happen, let’s get off our back sides and do something for one of our own, together we can make a difference.



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