Ellie and Laurie Fund Ideas

We’ve decided that we should do something further to help young Killie fan Laurie who needs further orthopaedic surgery to help him walk. It’s such a shame that in this day and age they are struggling to make the £12k they need in the next few weeks to allow the surgery to go ahead and we’d like try and raise some funds and hopefully raise a bit of publicity to try and make sure he gets the treatment he needs.

Our share of the profits from our next comedy night should be in the region of £1200 and we are going to petition our members to ask them if it is okay to front fund the charity £1000 out of our general fund which will be replaced after the comedy night (which obviously happens after the money is needed). An email will go out to all our members to ask if they will sanction this so please make sure that it does not get caught in your spam filters, and please reply whether you are in favour or have any objections.

We have also contacted the club to see if we can do a bucket collection at the Hearts game as well. The club do not normally allow bucket collections but they’ve done quite a bit for Ellie and Laurie in the past so hopefully we can get the go ahead for that, at which point we will be looking for some trustworthy volunteers to help out on the day.

They have so far raised £2,138 and need to get to 12% (£8,400) of their target (£70,000) as soon as possible so that’s £6,262 that needs to be raised immediately. It’s heartbreaking to think that Laurie would miss out on this life-changing opportunity for the want of just over five grand. Let’s make this happen, let’s get off our back sides and do something for one of our own, together we can make a difference.


Stand Up (If You Love Killie) 7

StandUpWebAd7We are back! 25th April is the date for your diaries and we are in a new venue for this one, The Kilmarnock Rugby Club out on the Queens Drive. So its new surroundings but no change for the rest, the price remains the same and the standard too as we are bringing more top drawer comedy to Killie town.

For this one we have the brilliant Des Clarke (@des_clarke), who as well as being one of Scotlands top comics is also the host of Capital FM’s breakfast show, the supremely talented Jojo Sutherland ( @jojosutherland) who has pretty much played every British comedy club you could care to mention plus ones abroad too. Also we have 2009s Scottish Comedian of the Year, the awesome John Gavin (@johngavincomedy) and Graham Mackie ( @graham19590) who not only will be the funniest guy you have ever seen that looks like Santa but will inexplicably be able to name one of your old teachers from the school. Completing the line up and back to complete a hat trick of outings at our comedy nights is local act John Speirs ( @johnspeirsii), all in all a terrific evenings worth of entertainment in store.

As already mentioned, ticket price remains £15 for all those top acts and can be purchased by calling 07429615232 or by following links on our website, blog, facebook, twitter etc to our eventbrite site for the event. The night is in conjuction with the Rugby Club to help raise some funds for them and the Killie Trust will be donating our funds raised to the Laurie Finlayson Appeal, more details of which can be found here: http://www.justgiving.com/Ellie-Laurie?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=Ellie-Laurie&utm_campaign=pfp-tweet-mobile.

So there it is, avoid the scrum and get your tickets quick, with such a great line up these nights sell out fast! See you all there, April 25th.

Link to online ticket sales here:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/killie-trust-comedy-night-7-tickets-10742630497

COG Working Party Update – 18th February 2014

COGlogoThe spokesman for the Community Ownership Group Working Party Gary Torbett and Killie Trust Chairman Barry Richmond met with MSP Willie Coffey and Council Leader Douglas Reid at the East Ayrshire Council’s London Road offices yesterday. The meeting was to discuss the ongoing situation at Kilmarnock Football Club and to relate first hand to the politicians what the COG Working Party are all about, where they are at the moment and what they hope to achieve going forward. Talks proved constructive and it is hoped that with their help, and that of Supporters’ Direct, that a dialogue can be opened with KFC Chairman Michael Johnston in regards the best way forward for the club.

Response to Michael Johnston’s Recent Statement

In response to comments made by KFC Chairman Michael Johnston in todays Daily Record Gary Torbett had this to say on behalf of The Killie (Community) Working Party:

“Further to the announcement by The Killie (Community) Working Party [on the 11th of February 2014] of its intention to offer to purchase the shareholding of Michael Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club, in the event that the club were to become debt free, we are extremely disappointed that Mr Johnston has so swiftly and publicly dismissed our intentions.

“It is disappointing that this proposal has been dismissed so early into the process without any constructive dialogue with Mr Johnston. Mr Johnston has offered our group the opportunity to buy a seat on the board should it purchase circa 10% of the unallocated shares in the football club. It would not be appropriate for this particular group to purchase a tranche of shares at this time to obtain a seat on the board of Kilmarnock FC, given our stated purpose.

“The group would welcome, indeed we would urge for, the opportunity to meet with the football club to establish a mutually agreeable route to genuine community ownership, which has the club’s long term future in mind.

“Our doors remain firmly open to Mr Johnston.”

Supporters Direct Scotland has also reiterated its willingness to work with both parties.

COG Working Party Press Release – 11th February 2014


The Killie (Community) Working Party, established with support from  Supporters Direct Scotland, has announced its intention to make an offer  to purchase Kilmarnock FC’s Chairman’s entire shareholding.

garybioGary  Torbett, on behalf of The Killie (Community) Working Party, said: “We  would like to acknowledge the work being undertaken by the Chairman of  Kilmarnock Football Club to make the club debt free and would positively  encourage him to make every effort to come to an agreement with the  club bankers and other significant lenders to reduce the debt to zero.   The Killie (Community) Working Party would like to make an offer to  purchase the Chairman’s entire shareholding if this can be achieved.”

“This  offer would be contingent on a fair valuation of the company and the  completion of a satisfactory due diligence process.  This purchase would  be undertaken by a new Community Interest Company (CIC) with a  democratically elected board.”

Scottish-FansPaul Goodwin, Head of Supporters  Direct Scotland said, “I met with Michael Johnston, on behalf of The  Killie (Community) Working Party, on Friday [7th February] and conveyed  the outline of the supporters’ offer.  I reiterated SDS’ willingness to  assist in progressing this offer to a satisfactory conclusion for both  parties.”

Gary Torbett added: “We see this move as a genuine step forward as we prepare to get our club back.

Unfortunately  there remains concern amongst supporters with the long term position of  the club and we firmly believe that fan and community ownership is  where that lies rather than relying on a single majority shareholder who  won’t be around for ever.  The only constants at any club are the fans  and the community it is based in.”

“We will shortly launch our formal efforts to raise the money to take  the club into community ownership and we hope that the business  community – both private and public – as well as community groups and  supporters will get behind us.”

Kilmarnock fans have a history of successful fundraising and  community involvement. Over £100,000 has been directly raised for the  Club’s youth development programme and a number of initiatives driven by  The Killie Trust have seen financial awards to a many community based  projects in recent years.

The Killie (Community) Working Party is made up, in no particular order, of:

  • The Killie Trust
  • The Kilmarnock FC Supporters Association
  • Minority shareholders in Kilmarnock FC
  • The Business Club
  • Young Kilmarnock

Issued on behalf of The Killie (Community) Working Party by Supporters Direct Scotland.

For further information please contact Paul Goodwin on 07702 252519 or Gary Torbett  on 07905 478179