Share Transfer to Killie Trust


Last night the Klin Group reinforced their belief in community ownership for Kilmarnock FC by transferring 45677 shares to Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Limited (The Killie Trust).

The Trust now has 90727 shares in the club making it the second largest shareholder in Kilmarnock FC until the number of shares acquired by Billy Bowie in the Club is clarified by the Club Chairman at the Club AGM, or  before.

Update 10/02/2014: The latest annual return for Kilmarnock Football Club dated 31/12/2013 shows that Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Limited is still the second largest shareholder in the club. We will have further analysis of the annual return soon. KFC Share register Dec 2013

The events at Dunfermline FC and Hearts have shown that the only way to ensure the future of our football club is through genuine community ownership based on democratic and co-operative principles. This type of ownership will deliver a sustainable football club that is at the very heart of the community. It will achieve this because it is owned on an equal basis by those that care most about it – the supporters.

This very generous transfer of shares is a tremendous boost to the Killie Trust’s Community Ownership Group (COG). There will be more news about this initiative in the coming weeks.


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