Killie Trust Statement – 09/08/2013

COGlogoFollowing on from our statement of 22nd July 2013, The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (The Killie Trust) has not, as yet, received any communication from Mr Johnston, Chairman of Kilmarnock Football Club, either directly or through our legal representative, regards the matter of community ownership of the club. We note Mr Johnston’s recent comments in the Press about this matter and would point out that his view of events is factually incorrect. It should be noted that the lack of communication lies firmly at his door.

Clearly, it is difficult, but not impossible for The Killie Trust to move the Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative forward without meaningful dialogue with Mr Johnston. His appetite for co-operation in this matter appears clear and we must therefore continue to move COG forward in a positive manner in order to ensure the future for Kilmarnock Football Club.

There have been well documented events concerning potential investment in, offers of expertise to the benefit of, and bids for the club in the past few months. Whilst The Killie Trust will always be a willing party in terms of working with any individual or group who genuinely has a positive vision for Kilmarnock Football Club going forward, we will not allow such events to distract us from our stated aim of ultimate community ownership of the club. The COG initiative is one which requires a great deal of work and undoubtedly fundraising through individual or group donations and events. By its nature this is a lengthy process.

The Killie Trust would like to confirm its commitment to this initiative and will continue to work towards this goal. Previous initiatives, some of which are listed below, have demonstrated that The Killie Trust has both the will and the skill to successfully deliver significant programmes which benefit club and community and which leave a noticeable legacy for others to take forward while we move on to new projects. This experience enables us the drive projects such as COG forward in a positive manner and with support of the community we have worked so actively with since 2003.

Previous Killie Trust initiatives include; Fifty For The Future; K-Step; Sponsorship of local clubs including FC Kilmarnock; Bursaries to local groups; Sponsorship of the Graeme Howie Memorial Shield; sponsorship of Young Killie.

Fundraising events have included; comedy nights; dances; sportsman’s dinners; ladies’ nights; golf days; cookery evenings; prize draws.

All these initiatives and events have benefitted Kilmarnock Football Club and many local businesses and groups through direct financial input from The Killie Trust or as a result of events being held at their premises.

The Killie Trust is delighted to have been invited to be actively involved in the consultation process for the project to redevelop the former Diageo Johnnie Walker site in Kilmarnock, also known as The Halo. Our early involvement in this ambitious plan to regenerate the site to the ultimate benefit of Kilmarnock and the wider Ayrshire community demonstrates the regard in which The Killie Trust is held locally.

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