Killie Trust Board Member Interviewed at Supporters Summit 2013

Killie Trust board member Andy Millar was interviewed by the Co-Op news channel at the Supporters Summit 2013 which was held at St Georges Park on the 22nd June.  He appears about 1 minute 20 seconds. There are a lot very interesting comments made about community ownership in the video.

A report on the whole summit can be found here on Supporters Direct website.

Statement on Behalf of Ayrshire Businesses

Statement from John Gall (MD of Brownings the Bakers), on behalf of Ayrshire businesses regarding KFC:-

BrowningsLogo2TRANSTonight a group of like-minded business people from Kilmarnock met to discuss their concerns about the current state of affairs at Kilmarnock Football Club.

The local businesses represented were Braehead Foods, Brownings the Bakers, The Coffee Press, Costley & Costley Hoteliers, Fortress Security & Alarms, Hamilton Tarmac, The Klin Group, Microtech Support, Modway and the QTS Group.

The group has unanimously agreed that the only way they can continue to fully support the Club is if there is a change in regime.

A spokesperson has been appointed to request a meeting with Michael Johnston to clarify his position and discuss the way forward in the best interest of Kilmarnock Football Club.

John Gall
Managing Director
Browning’s the Bakers
Block 1
Bonnyton Ind Estate

Killie Trust statement – 13th June 2013


The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd (the ‘Killie Trust’) has previously expressed our dissatisfaction with the current structure and operation of Kilmarnock Football Club. We are therefore dismayed that the situation has deteriorated further. We feel that the confidence in, and reputation of Kilmarnock FC is not being served by the actions of its Chairman and believe that there is little commitment to act in the interest of all shareholders and stakeholders of the Club, contrary to his well documented stance on “fiduciary duty”.

The treatment of a dedicated, hard-working and popular team manager, Kenny Shiels, a man who engineered our first ever Scottish League Cup success only last year, has further tarnished the reputation of Kilmarnock FC. We can only offer our apologies to Kenny for a decision which has gone against the wishes of the majority of Killie fans, and wish him well for the future. His contribution and his engagement with the community will not be forgotten and he will be a welcome visitor to Kilmarnock whenever he chooses to return.

The supporters of Kilmarnock Football Club are tired of being ignored and misrepresented and many have reached the point where they feel the only way they can be heard is to remove their financial contribution. Whilst the Trust Board believe everyone must make their own decision in regards the much talked about season ticket boycott, we can understand why many have decided to take this drastic action, and the responsibility for this threat to the very existence of Kilmarnock FC lies squarely with the one-man Board of Directors.

We find some of the Chairman’s recent comments astonishing, from his justification for Kenny Shiels dismissal to his sudden willingness to change the structure of the club and engage the community. The initial idea of a partnership between local authority, local business and fan/community groups working together was one brought forward by the Trust in a recent meeting with the Chairman, but he rejected the concept as unworkable for our club. We would seriously like to know who he has been making these plans with given that during a recent series of Community Ownership Group (COG) initiative meetings that invitees from all the aforementioned parties highlighted individual instances which alienated them from the Club and their general dissatisfaction at the way in which Kilmarnock Football Club is being run.

The Trust has been actively working with the Supporters Association (KFCSA) and other fans’ groups to ensure that supporters’ interests are represented and that we are no longer ignored in the same manner we had to endure when the chairman manipulated figures to suit his own ends for an SPL vote last year. His comments then, as now, proved to be highly embarrassing and not a true reflection of how Kilmarnock fans felt about the issue or wanted it dealt with. We urge all Kilmarnock fans to attend the KFCSA AGM on Saturday 15th June to decide on further action, your voice is important, without the fans the club would not exist and the future is in our own hands.