Transfer Window Sign Up Day

Joining the Killie Trust just got easier. 2013 is the year in which the Trust celebrate the tenth anniversary of our formation and it promises to be a year of epic proportions, and we want as many Killie fans as possible to be a part of that.

Signing up new members has never been an easy process so we’ve introduced a new “quickslip” application form so we can engage with as many fans as possible in a shorter period of time.

To kick things off we will have four volunteers with quickslips at the match on Saturday (19th January) stationed at the approaches to both ends of the ground. If you are in any doubt who they are we are sure that Hippo will point them out.

All you have to give them is your name and ONE of three other details (postcode, email or phone number) and we then follow it up at a time more convenient to you. It’s still only a tenner a year, and that’s £2 less than it was ten years ago!

The next ten years will see football in this country change more than you can imagine with community ownership featuring heavily for clubs like ours. Together the “Killie Family” can ensure that we are ahead of the game and the the club will survive to be a community hub for future generations.

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