The Magnificent Seven

Though not directly involved as a Trust, we have been, as Killie fans, involved in some fund raising for Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK after being made aware of it following the news that former Killie midfielder and member of the 97 cup winning team Mark Reilly’s daughter suffered from it and his subsequent fundraising.

You may have seen some of the collection tins bearing the charity in and around Kilmarnock or read about a “Killie Night” fundraising night that is planned for 24th November at The Howard Arms and more information on that will follow but on Sunday 28th October Trust board member Davie Davidson led six others on a fundraising walk from Stewarton to Kilmaurs and here now is their story in Davie’s own words….

“On Sunday 28th October along with six other Killie fans, we Seven decided to walk Seven miles. The walk we had in mind was the Seven miles from Stewarton to Kilmaurs via Kilwinning road. The weather was atrocious to say the least, but as this was a fund raising effort for Dionne Reilly who suffers from Rett Syndrome, our pain and discomfort was much less than hers.

Mark Reilly who played for Killie has a daughter Dionne who suffers from Rett Syndrome. And we Killie fans decided to raise funds as well as awareness of this condition. As a man who likes to talk the walk that’s what I decide to do, a fund raising walk. Along with Six other brave, hardy  Killie fans we did the walk.

Torrential rain greeted us at our start, Stewarton Health Centre, but undeterred we carried on. With Dionne in our mind, we continued against the relentless driving rain, stopping occasionally to replace the sweat with other sources of liquid refreshments! A few photo shoots along the way to prove our endeavours, warmed with Perthshire’s finest low Flying bird, enabled us to reach our destination in the predicted time of two hours.

The welcome we received from Sheila, mine host of The Weston Tavern, at Kilmaurs was second to none. This charming lady provided us seven with a bowl of freshly made warm soup, free of charge for our efforts towards this fund raising exercise. Suitably satisfied with soup and refreshments from the Weston, our good kind chauffeur for the day, Ian Gourlay (basher), who took the time and effort to drive us up, returned us back to Kilmarnock via The Howard Arms and here Faye and Lauren persuaded a number of people to part with their cash, in aid of our efforts.

A considerable sum will have been raised from our Magnificent Seven, which will be highlighted at the event on the 24thNovember. I wish to thank all who made a contribution, as well as the six who joined me in this walk from left to right…..

Mel Wright, Faye Davidson, Lauren McGill, (me), Bobby Neil, John Cairns and Sandy Tyrie a big thank you to all.”

Well done to Davie and the rest of the troops for braving the weather for a great cause.

If you would like to donate to the charity or would even just like more information you can do so by going through Mark Reilly’s JustGiving page here. Thank you.

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