Stand Up (If You Love Killie) 5! A Review

Two weeks past on Friday night (24th August) saw The Killie Trust get the COG Fund rolling with the very successful Stand Up (If you love Killie) 5! comedy night at The Player Sports Bar at Rugby Park. Ayrshire comedian/tv star/radio personality/wrestling commentator Billy Kirkwood compered a great night and he and comedians Tommy Reid, Neil “The Wee Man” Bratchpiece, John McGoldrick and Jim Smallman had those in attendance rolling in laughter.

Englishman Jim Smallman, who headlined the event, in particular regaled the time when he actually last visited Rugby Park as a fan of his hometown team Leicester City for a recent friendly and noted that he heard the best ever put down of a player ever from the home fans about Leicester player Chris O’Grady who played with a shirt with no number, though the put down may be best left off this post.

The Wee Man had a audience member and Killie fan up beat boxing (very well we should add) as he rapped and then downed his percussion mans pint in a one-ah while at the opposite end of the spectrum Billy Kirkwood had three guys up to form a boyband which he named the “Fanny Pads”. All was taken in good fun though.

In amongst it all, the fire alarm went off in the Sports Bar and everyone was ushered out before being ushered back in to get on with the show.

In all the fantastic funny men performed in front of an audience of 130 and the night raised a whopping £1750 for the COG Fund so thanks to all of you for coming. The night was supported by Klin Group, Fogs Snack Bar, Browning the Bakers (Half Time Pies), Kilmarnock Taxis, Drew Kirkland (PA System) and big thanks goes to Billy Kirkwood, all the comedians on the bill and Peter Telfer for pulling it all together.

Hopefully the next comedy night wont be too far around the corner, is there anyone people would like to see?

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