Fog Supports COG

Local business man Stevie ‘Fog’ Miller caters on a daily basis for the great and the good of Kilmarnock from his hot snacks trailer which normally resides at the grounds of Kilmarnock Rugby Club. He also goes out of his way to support The Killie Trust in a plethora of different  ways and this week celebrated an epic landmark.

As well as sponsoring Trust events like our stand up comedy nights, Fog encourages his customers, Killie fans or not, to drop their small change in his Trust donation tin and this week’s contributions have taken the Killie Chilli (patent pending) vendor over the £1,200 mark!

A terrific total I think everyone can agree and we at the Trust would like to thank him for all his sterling fund raising efforts. More than that, Trust Board have decided to present Fog with our Community Partner award in recognition of of all the big man does. It says a lot about him that instead of just adorning his premises with our award sticker he chose to call on Rainbow Ink to get a massive decal to give the Trust’s @KillieTrust Twitter account some free advertising, we could do with a few more like him. He supported our Fifty for the Future initiative and is right behind our COG (Community Ownership Group) Fund as well…and we are more than happy to support him and and any other local business who backs the Trust.

Fogs Snack Bar, the Killie Trust salutes you.

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