A Great Initiative from The Killie Hippo

Sandy Armour, erstwhile known as The Killie Hippo and editor of the Killie fanzine of the same name has came up with a novel and generous initiative to get more people involved with The Killie Trust and in the process getting the COG initiative rolling as it were.

Starting with issue 121, which will be on sale from Saturday 25th August prior to the Dundee United match as well as tonights cup match versus Stenhousmuir, he will donate £50, or more precisely, pay the first years membership of 5 Killie fans wishing to The Trust each and every issue. An excellent gesture from Sandy which is much appreciated by The Trust.

So to be in with a chance of winning simply pop an email over to Sandy at killiehippo@aol.com and you will be entered into the draw for the prizes.

Already a fantastically successful publication with well over 100 issues, The Killie Hippo has took a major step to bring it bang up to date this season by making issues available online for the first time. Sure to be popular with the e-reader generation as well as the many many expat Killie fans posted around the globe it seems like a no brainer.

So if you are interested in a digital version of the Killie Hippo then drop the man himself an email at the adress mentioned above to get the details, as Sandy himself says “there’s no excuse to miss out on the world’s no.1 bad grammar publication”

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